Signature Bracelet -  Sterling Silver
A young girl is looking at her Signature Bracelet inside its Velvet Gift Box.
Signature Bracelet -  Sterling Silver
A baby sized Signature Bracelet
Twins wearing child length Signature Bracelets in Sterling Silver
A young girl is wearing the Signature Bracelet in Child size alongside her Little Mermaid Bracelet.
A close up of an engraved child sized Signature Bracelet.
A closer look at the Signature Bracelet in adult length without engraving on trhe ID bar pendant.  The woman wearing the bracelet is wearing jeans and also has the Signature Fine Ring on and the Child Vintage Pearl Ring worn as a pinky ring.
A Signature Bracelet in child length has the name 'Rabboni' engraved on the front surface of the ID bar pendant on the bracelet.  These bracelets are custom engraved for each person.
A Signature Bracelet is being held to show the under side where a date of birth has been engraved.
clear product image of the back of our signature bracelet with engraving
An adult signature bracelet in sterling silver is worn on a woman's wrist.  It features a smooth, matte finish and has an engravable ID pendant that is worn without engraving on it.
Signature Bracelet -  Sterling Silver

Signature Bracelet - Sterling Silver

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Provide details for engraving the front/back of the bracelet based on what you've selected above - one name or word can fit on baby bracelets,up to two words can fit on child bracelets and up to 3 words can fit on adult bracelets.


We believe your jewellery should give you the opportunity to express yourself.  Our Signature Bracelet has been creafted with an organically-textured surface, designed to wear every day.  Our adjustable chain makes this high-quality piece one that will last and grow with each wearer.

Personalise this piece with our fine engraving on the front and /or rear of the bracelet and create a Signature everyday keepsake that has special meaning for you. Your very own Signature piece. 


  • 925 Sterling Silver 
  • Baby, Child and Adult lengths, each with 3cm extension chain
  • Extension chain 3cm allows you to fasten clasp at preferred length
  • 3mm cuban link chain and engravable bar pendant
  • Optional engraving on front and/or back of bar 
  • Baby, child and adult bar pendants vary in length to match wrist sizing
  • One name or word can fit on baby bracelets, two words can fit on child bracelets and up to 3 words can fit on adult bracelets.
  • Front surface is organically textured and intentionally uneven with a subtle finish when engraved.
  • Rear of pendant is a smooth matte finish and engraving is more pronounced on this surface.
  • Signature Bluebird Logo 
  • Made by Fair Trade Artisans
  • Packaged in velvet gift box
  • Ships within 1-3 business days




  • Baby bracelet is 11cm with 3cm of extension chain.  This length generally fits children aged 0-3 years.  However, children's wrist sizes can vary a lot and we therefore recommend using string to check if the length will be suitable.
  • Child bracelet is 13+3cm of extension chain.  This length generally fits children aged 3-10 years.  We recommend using a 16cm length of string and holding it around wrist if unsure as this will give a good idea of total length of bracelet.
  • Adult bracelet is 16cm with 3cm extension chain and is designed to fit teens/adults.
  • Twin models wear Child sized bracelet.
  • Adult model wears Adult sized bracelet.
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