Caring for your keepsakes

Your keepsake will bring you joy for many years if cared for. 
When your Bluebird Co jewellery arrives be sure to take it out of its velvet Gift Box as this is not designed for the storing of jewellery.
Remove your jewellery when showering or swimming, sleeping, exercising, applying make-up and cosmetics, perfume, oils and moisturisers.
Store your jewellery in a place that has access to air. Keep out of sunlight, moisture and extreme temperatures. 
Metal rubbing against metal may affect the integrity of your pieces.
Clean regularly with a cleaning cloth only (never cleaning solutions unless it is a solid gold or silver) and inspect for damage. 
Expect that as with all metals, your jewellery will oxidize, soften and fade over time. 
This piece will tell the story of the life it lives, so it will patina with time.
Need more help? We have some suggestions for cleaning instructions here.
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