Bluebird Co draws upon the sentimental traditions of the past to create bespoke jewellery with a timeless aesthetic and a heart for a sustainable future.

Inspired by ‘bluebird of happiness’ keepsakes which have been given as special occasion and milestone gifts for generations, we create quality jewellery for children and adults. While our aesthetic is modern, we ensure each design is classic in style and meaningful in nature.

We have been intentional in our pursuit of partnerships with jewellers and specialists at home and around the globe. Our international partners are Certified Fair Trade and employ equally across genders and physical and intellectual abilities. Closer to home, our local engraving specialist is a family-owned operator, while in the studio, we are proud to support women as they negotiate managing work alongside their varied life commitments. Our studio is not only a beautiful place to create your keepsakes, here we recognise our responsibilities by adopting a range of environmentally sustainable practices.

With your support, we contribute to the work of Eagles Wings Zambia, a grassroots organisation working directly with children, families and communities in a holistic manner. We love that the leaders, coordinators and staff at Eagles Wings are indigenous Zambians, as we believe this approach brings sustainable and culturally relevant outcomes.