How long will it take for me to receive my order?

Once an order is placed via our website all Bluebird Co. keepsakes are packaged and sent off within 1-3 business days. However if you are purchasing during an advertised ‘Sale’ period your order can take up to 5 business days to be completed before being shipped. We currently mail all our parcels using the Australia Post service. Please note that parcel delivery times are out of our control and that some delays can occur, especially during busy holiday periods. If you would like to ensure the  prompt delivery of your order we recommend you select the ‘Express Post’ option during checkout.


How do I know what size to order?

We have provided an easy to follow sizing guide to help assist with  the ordering of jewellery for younger children. With that being said it is still only a generic guide, and the best way to ensure a proper fit is to measure the wrist or ankle of the person you are purchasing for. Simply take a piece of string to measure and wrap it around the wrist/ankle so it sits comfortably with a small amount of room to move. From there you can measure the length in cm using a ruler or measuring tape. This will give you an idea of which size to purchase or what measurement you will need to provide if ordering a custom sizing.  


What if the Bluebird Co. piece I purchased doesn’t fit properly? Can I return it for re-sizing?

Here at Bluebird Co. we always recommend that you carefully measure either the wrist or ankle of the intended recipient to ensure you order the correct size. However because we understand that in some instances this may not be possible, we do offer a re-sizing service. You have 14 days after you have received your order to contact us via email and post back your item/s for re-sizing. All incurred postage costs are to be covered by the customer, meaning you must pay for return postage as well as include a padded postage paid envelope for us to send your re-sized item/s back to you.  For personalised items and re-makes that are within a different price range will incur additional charges (please see Shipping and Returns for further details). Please note that Bluebird Co only accepts orders for re-sizing up to 14 days after the original delivery date and is not responsible for adding length to an item once a child has outgrown it.  Items purchased on sale are not able to be returned for resizing.


Are all Bluebird Co. items made with genuine sterling silver?

We take pride in our hand made jewellery and are happy to say that all Bluebird Co. creations are made with love and the highest quality silver materials. Most of our pieces are made from Thai Hill Tribe Sterling Silver which has a silver content of up to 99%. We also use the widely popular 925 Sterling Silver (92.5% silver content) to help bring our keepsakes to life.


Is it safe for my child to wear their Bluebird Co. jewellery while they sleep?

Due to ACCC health and safety standards under no circumstance do we advise that Bluebird Co. jewellery be worn whilst a child is sleeping as it can pose a serious choking hazard or strangulation risk to both babies and toddlers. We highly recommend that all Bluebird Co. pieces only be worn by young children while they are under adult supervision.  


Do you offer repairs?

Yes we do offer repairs on items that are deemed faulty.  All items are checked for quality before they are sent but if you receive your Bluebird Co piece and notice a manufacturing fault (wear and tear is not deemed a manufacturing fault) please contact us immediately via email info@bluebirdco.com.au. Please note that we do not offer a 'repair' or 'remake' service for items that have been well worn and loved.  Our 6 month warranty covers only manufacturing faults not considerable wear. 


What's the best way to clean my Bluebird Co jewels?

The first thing we recommend to keep your Bluebird Co. jewels looking their best is giving them a regular clean with a silver cleaning cloth.

Although sterling silver is a very durable and long lasting material it can tarnish due to various factors.  To clean discoloured or tarnished sterling silver we recommend one of two methods that both use everyday household products.

1.  With Cloudy Ammonia and dish-washing detergent:

In a small coffee sized cup fill 1/3 of the cup with Cloudy Ammonia (available from most supermarkets near cleaning products), a large squirt of dish-washing liquid and fill the rest of the cup with hot water from tap. Give it a stir (with spoon) to combine. Put chain/bracelet/anklet into mixture for approx 5 minutes. Take out and rinse thoroughly whilst brushing silver lightly to remove any loose build up (we use an old soft bristled toothbrush). Rinse jewellery under tap water and dry thoroughly.  

This is a method shared by a high end jeweller that can be used on all many different pieces. Please note that this method can’t be used on natural stones and plated jewellery so no do not use for Rose Quartz/pearls/gold plated chains etc. 
2. With Bi-carb soda, boiling water and aluminium foil:
In a glass or ceramic bowl place a piece of aluminium foil (slightly scrunched to fit into bottom of the bowl) and 1 tablespoon of Bi-carb soda (on the aluminium foil). Place sterling silver jewellery on the bi-carb soda/aluminium foil and fill the bowl with boiling water.  Allow the silver to sit in bowl for 5-10 minutes.  Take out and rinse thoroughly whilst brushing silver lightly to remove any loose build up (we use an old soft bristled toothbrush). Rinse jewellery under tap water and dry thoroughly.  Please note that this method can’t be used on natural stones and plated jewellery so no do not use for Rose Quartz/pearls/gold plated chains etc.