Instructions on how to choose the correct size

Each Bluebird Co. piece is handmade and designed to fit properly, while allowing for some movement when worn as an anklet or bracelet. You don’t want it to be too snug, but you also want to make sure it’s not loose enough to fall off while being worn.

We provide the length of each size in our drop down menu when ordering.  This is the length of the bracelet/anklet from the tip of the clasp to the first loop ring that the clasp can attach to.  

Our sizes of bracelets and anklets are 11+3cm, 13+3cm and 16+3cm. The "+3cm" refers to the extension chain that is attached to each bracelet allowing our bracelets to be worn from 11-14cm, 13-16cm and 16-19cm.

You can easily use a piece of string to take the correct measurement. Just place a piece of string around the wearer’s ankle or wrist so that it sits comfortably and then measure the length of the string against a ruler.  You can also cut a length of string of the size you think will be the best fit. Eg. For 11+3cm cut 14cm length of string and hold around wrist with ends touching.  If the string is snug between 11cm-14cm with a small amount of movement, this sized bracelet should be a great fit.

If you are still unsure about sizing or have more questions about how to pick the perfect size, feel free to email us at