Instructions on how to choose the correct size

Each Bluebird Co. piece has been thoughtfully designed to fit each wearer, with longevity and layering also included in the design process. We provide the length of each size in our drop down menu when ordering.  This is the length of the bracelet/anklet/necklace from the tip of the clasp to the first loop ring that the clasp can attach to. 

Selecting your bracelet -

Our bracelets are all adjustable and offer 3cm of extension chain on each bracelet to allow the clasp to be fastened at a length that will sit comfortably on the wearer's wrist.  Our clasps are also able to latch the end of the chain into them to prevent any extension chain from hanging too long once chain has been secured on the wrist. 

Our baby length bracelet is suitable for newborn to approx 3 years.  Wrist sizes can vary a lot (hello cute baby wrists!) however, if you want to be sure that the bracelet size you are looking at will fit, you can measure a piece of string the total length of the bracelet (eg. 14cm length of string for baby bracelet) and can then hold this length of string around the wearer's wrist.  If the string has some movement when ends are touching, this will be a good size to order.

Some baby bracelets may be too loose for a newborn to wear.  If this is the case, it should fit well as an anklet until it can fit as a bracelet.

Child length bracelets are 13cm long with an additional 3cm of extension chain.  we recommend this length for children aged 3 - 12 years.  To be sure of a great fit, you can measure 16cm length of string and hold this around the wearer's wrist.

Adult bracelets are 16cm with an additional 3cm of extension chain.  We recommend this size bracelet to children who fit into teen/small adult clothing and adults to wear this bracelet size.

 bracelet sizing guide

baby bracelet

Baby (1 month) wears Vintage Pearl Bracelet in 11+3cm length.

child sized bracelet

Model is 5 years and wears Child 13+3cm Sweetheart Cuban Link Bracelet.

adult length bracelet

Adult model wears adult 16+3cm bracelet fastened at shortest length.

child bracelet in Little Mermaid style

Model is 4 years and wears child 13+3cm Little Mermaid Lace Chain Bracelet.

Selecting your necklace - 

For children:

Each Bluebird Co necklace is adjustable and has been designed to fit each wearer at their preferred length.  We recommend our child length necklace for children up to age 10.  This necklace can be fastened at 35cm (which will sit nicely on a child's neckline) and can be adjusted with the 5cm of extension chain on the necklace.

The +5cm refers to the 5cm of extension chain that is added to each necklace allowing it to be adjusted to your preferred length as you wear it on its own or when layering with other necklaces.

For adults:

The 35+5cm length sits higher on collar bone and it a nice length for a choker style necklace on adults. This length layers beautifully with any of our longer necklaces.

The 42+5cm length is the perfect short to mid length necklace.  Wear it at 42cm and it will sit just below the collar bone or slightly longer and it will sit as a shorter mid length necklace.

The 45+5cm length is also a popular mid-length necklace that sits nicely with a shorter layered necklace or on its own.  It can be adjusted to suit the neckline of your clothing.

The 50+5cm length is a beautiful longer style necklace.  It looks long and elegant when worn on its own and also compliments any of the other Bluebird Co necklace lengths.

Here are some examples of our necklace lengths:

long layered necklaces

Model wears 42+5cm Cuban Link necklace + 42+5cm Rectangular Pendant Necklace + 50+5cm Little Mermaid Necklace 

Child wearing 35+5cm necklace

Model wears 35+5cm Little Mermaid Necklace on shortest link.  This can be extended another 5cm also.

Anklets -

Bluebird Co anklets, like are adjustable and have either a 3cm or 5cm extension chain, depending on the style. We recommend the newborn anklet size for babies aged newborn - 1 years. Baby length anklets we recommend for 1-3 years and child length for 3 - 6 years.  However, ankle lengths can vary a lot and we recommend using measuring a piece of string the length of the anklet you think will be the best fit and holding this string around the wearer's ankle to confirm if it will be the best fit.


Lasting treasures -

Our pendants have been designed to fit on all of our bracelet, anklet and necklace chains and can therefore be worn on one item and then moved to another.  Feel like wearing a plain necklace, slide your initial pendants onto your bracelet.  Want to layer your necklaces?  You can choose which pendants are worn on the various layers.  Your baby has outgrown their baby bracelet?  Place their sweet little keepsake in their baby album and use their initial pendants on their next bracelet, necklace or anklet.


If you are still unsure about sizing or have more questions about how to pick the perfect size, feel free to email us at