A ring sizer shown with the loop size of a 7 in the magnified viewer
A ring sizer on a pointer finger alongside a size 7 ring showing that it shows the true ring size.
A ring sizer is highlighting the size of the ring loop

FREE Ring Sizer

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At Bluebird co, we're dedicated to ensuring your rings fit perfectly. Our ring sizes range from 3 to 9, and for those unsure of their size, we provide a complimentary ring sizer.

Our ring sizer is as simple to use as adjusting a belt. Just form a loop by threading the end through the buckle. Slide it onto your finger and adjust until it feels just right. Ensure it slips off your knuckle smoothly for a comfortable fit!

Kindly note: Our ring collections do not include half-sizes, and we send a limit of one free Ring Sizer per order.


  • Limit of one FREE Ring Sizer per order
  • Use Ring Sizer like a belt around finger
  • Read ring size through magnifying circle
  • Please note if you are still unsure you can check with a local jeweller



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