Ball Chain Necklace - Gold
The 35+5cm Gold Ball Chain Necklace is layered with the 45+5cm necklace with Mini Initial Pendants.
All three lengths of the gold ball chain necklace are shown close up in this layered necklace look. The 35cm length is worn as a choker style necklace, the 45cm length has a vintage pearl pendant and the 50cm length has the gold vermeil initial pendant (10mm)
The 45vm ball chain necklace is worn with two petite initial pendants in solid 9ct gold.
The 45cm ball chain necklace is worn as the longest necklace in this layered necklace look.
Two ball chain necklaces are worn layered together, these are the 35cm and 50cm lengths
A child wears the 35cm ball chain necklace with a solid 9ct gold initial pendant
A ball chain necklace is shown in a bluebird co gift box. The necklace chee at in has three personalised pendants on it.
Three solid gold initial pendants are worn on a ball chain necklace.
Two ball chain necklaces are worn together.
The 45+5cm Ball Chain Necklace is worn with Mini solid gold initial pendants.
Ball Chain Necklace - Gold
A 35+5cm Gold Ball Chain Necklace is worn as a shorter chain with a Fine Curb Chain as a layered necklace.

Ball Chain Necklace - Gold

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The classic ball chain is simple and elegant. The perfect staple piece, it is designed to be interchangeable and can be worn alone as a classic, everyday piece; layered gracefully with other necklaces; and added to with unique pendants.


  • 14ct gold plated sterling silver chain
  • Chain length options: 35+5cm, 45+5cm cm or 50+5cm
  • Extension chain 5cm
  • Model wears 45+5cm length in image 2, and 50+5cm length in image 3
  • Soft yellow gold colour
  • Packaged in velvet gift box
  • Ships within 1-3 business days




    • We recommend 35+5cm length for children or choker style on teens and adults, 45+5cm length for mid length necklace on teens/adults and 55+5cm for teens/adults who prefer a longer necklace length.
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