Resize Request

Resize Request

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Ordered the wrong size? No worries! We can fix it for you provided it it is returned to us within 30 days of your original order being placed. 

To ensure a correct fit for the size, we recommend using string to confirm the size you are considering. For example, if you would like us to make a 16cm piece, cut a 16cm length of string and hold around the wrist where you would like the bracelet to sit. Touch the two ends of the string together. If it fits snugly with a small amount of movement this will be a good size to get. If the string moves too much, cut off 1cm and try again with this new length. This video may be of assistance.

You will be charged a postage fee at checkout. This covers the cost from our studio to your address after we have resized your piece. 
Upon receiving your resize request order, we will send you details on how to get the item to our studio. You will be liable for the postage fees associated with this return also.  

Resize requests will only be fulfilled for orders received with the past 14 days. Please include your original order number in the customer notes section of the checkout form. 

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